At¬†Devonshire Manor¬†we appreciate that choosing a care home is a very important decision. To help you make that decision, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions here, but please do feel free to contact us if there’s anything else you would like to know.

Q.How easy is it for family to visit? Family and friends are encouraged to visit at any time. Regular visitors can be essential to a resident’s happiness and well-being so we always make them feel welcome, offering refreshments on arrival. With the home only being registered for 15 people, everyone who visits the home, whether it be visitors or healthcare professionals¬†, comments on how the atmosphere and surrounding are very warm and cosy.

Q. Can residents bring personal possessions to put in their room? Yes. TV, radio, furniture and possessions can be brought in as long as they conform to current fire and safety regulations. Personal pictures, photos and ornaments with special memories are a good way to make a room feel more like home and we certainly would encourage these items being brought in.

Q. Who can I talk to about my family member’s care? We welcome the input of family and close friends to help us form a clear understanding of a resident’s individual needs, background and personality.¬†Each resident has a designated key worker who is responsible for planning and overseeing their care and comfort. This ensures continuity of care by people who know the resident well. You are welcome to speak to them by phone or in person about any aspect of your loved one’s care at any time. Alternatively the care home manager or any of the staff will be pleased to discuss any issues of concern.¬†Regular two-way communication means that all parties can play their role in the care and comfort of each resident, operating almost like an extended family.

Q. Do you offer short-term stays such as respite care, or trial visits? Yes we offer both respite care and trial visits. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements and check availability.

Q. What’s the food like? All meals are prepared on-site which enables us to cater for all tastes, while providing a very high standard of nutrition. Specialist diets such as vegetarian, vegan, diabetic or low fat can be provided if required.¬†Our cook¬†is aware that food and dining is a major part of our resident’s day so all of them make special efforts. They meet with residents and families to discuss preferences and 2 choices are always offered daily. Residents are asked the day before what they would like from the menu for the following day. In our dementia care residential homes the residents are asked each morning what they would like.

Meals can be a very valuable social routine, and therefore we encourage residents to join in communal meal times as much as possible but there is always the flexibility to eat in your room.

Q. What activities are available? Our job is to enable all residents to continue an active life with as much independence as they are able (or want) to have. We believe that nobody should have to give up a much-loved hobby or interest just because they move into a care home.

Your special interests and hobbies will be discussed during your assessment and noted in your Care Plan. We have an activities co-ordinator to organise our weekly activities. Naturally residents are free to choose whether to join in or not. We have a range of equipment to support our activities including televisions, radios and CD players in the lounges.

Q. What about appointments? Medical, physiotherapy, dental, chiropody or optician appointments can be arranged at the home. A hairdresser visits on a weekly basis.

Q. Are different religions supported? Religious observance is supported according to the wishes of each individual, and facilities are available for clergy to conduct private or individual devotion on the premises.

Q. When can I come and see for myself? We encourage any potential residents and their families to come and visit. We have an open door policy and you are welcome to come and see our beautiful home anytime. Were sure, like us, you too will fall in love our beautiful home.